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Previous Entry URGENT! Nov. 11th, 2005 @ 06:34 am Next Entry
Hello all, this is something that I just recieved from another list, and am passing it along because I believe it is vitally important!!! Please read all the way to the end......

Hello Birth People,

You have all probably heard of Dr. Tom Brewer and his important work in prenatal nutrition. He has devoted his life to spreading the word that excellent nutrition during pregnancy prevents MTLP (toxemia), pre-eclampsia, placental abruption, pre-term labor and other complications. He has worked tirelessly, but unfortunately mostly fruitlessly, to get the medical establishment to understand the importance of protein, salt, and other nutrients during pregnancy.

Dr. Brewer is now elderly and not in the best of health. His son tells me that he has been in poor spirits and depressed that his message has not been accepted as truth by the birth community.

So I’m asking that if you have been affected by his work, if you use his nutrition information to help clients, or have followed his advice in your own pregnancies, please drop him a short thank you note or message of appreciation. I think that knowing how many moms and babies he has helped would cheer him up; and it would let him know that his life’s work was not in vain to hear how many midwives, childbirth educators, parents, and others involved in birth, believe in his ideas.

He is a national treasure, and he may not be around much longer.

> Hello Everyone,
> The list has been awfully quiet. I hate to break the
> silence with sad
> news, but it seems Dr. Tom Brewer won't be with us
> much longer. His
> health has been declining this year, and just this
> past weekend he had a
> medical incident which caused his daughter to
> annouce to family and
> friends that if they want to see him, they should do
> so this week. He
> could have a major event and be gone quickly, or he
> could have several
> minor events and be like this for days, months. He
> is lucid and still
> feisty enough to sign out of the hospital AMA, but
> his time on earth is
> short. Please take time NOW to write him a note of
> appreciation for all
> he has done, and assure him that his work will be
> carried on. Write to
> him at his daughter's address. He is no longer at
> his apartment.
> Tom Brewer, M. D.
> c/o Ms. Cornelia Brewer
> 3 South Willard Street
> Apt. 6
> Burlington, VT 05401
> PLEASE Forward this to every childbirth and
> parenting list you are on.
> Modify it if you're sending to a group who may now
> know his work, so
> they can be aware that there is hope for
> preeclampsia and toxemia!! Many
> still do not know. Let's be sure his last days are
> filled with the
> knowledge that he is loved and appreciated.
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